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Du snuff parents taught in the same gucci iphone 5 case , his father taught the language , the mother teaches politics. Du snuff before birth , whether to work or go out , parents are always into the same , when the bus , but always cling together, can be described as gluey , others envy . However , ever since DU snuff born , the gucci iphone 5 case has changed, my father always told his mother staggered out, and sometimes forced one to go out, take the bus , I also sit on different sides of the mother - the mother sitting in front of his father on the choice sitting in the rear ; mother sitting on the left side , his father certainly sit right.
The move Du snuff father , quite lost her mother , she concluded that her husband has begun to despise himself. Indeed, from the terms of the appearance , the husband was tall and handsome, but they themselves are pretty mediocre . But Du snuff mother is introverted person, did not disclose this in mind, she was just pretending to know, wait and see the developments. She believes that before long, her husband would tell her that his heart with another woman , and publicly asked her to break up.
However , Du snuff mother predicted , did not occur . She never even heard anything about her husband’s affair , which made her deeply confused ; while leaving her not to be understood that although her ​​husband abnormal performance by bus , but they Nianglia but meticulous care . Several times, she wanted to ask why, ultimately hold back, she was afraid that if her husband’s answer really expect as their own , how to face it?
Later, with the passage of time , Du snuff finally grown up, her father returned to the state of the beginning of the teacher on the street with his wife to go out again , and take the bus , always sit with her snuggle . Du snuff mother surprised at her husband’s “return” soon forget the unhappy past , enjoy feeling the warmth of her husband , the natural thing of the past no longer mention a single word .
Then, after so many years , Du snuff father passed away , the mother has also been very old. No accompanied her husband , the mother is no longer easily Du snuff out, stay at home all day , and occasionally out a door , also accompanied by her daughter .
Once, in the bus , when Du snuff mother suddenly recalled her husband’s kind of weird , he gave it to tell her daughter to listen. Du snuff asked: ” Why? “
Mother said: ” Maybe he had tired of me .”
But after all the old stories , and soon , Du snuff put this thing to forget.
A few years later , his mother also died. Du snuff when finishing their relics , found a large stack of diaries, wrote that his father was young . Du snuff this time , has become a writer, his father’s diary cause great interest to her . She thought diary is the epitome of his father ‘s life , we must record the minds of his youth , great value , so free time , she put himself in the study, a one to read it again and again diary. Finally one day, she read so:
"Since snuff birth, every time they went by bus , I would snuff mother sat on the other side , so that in case of accident, the two of us , and it is possible to leave a continuing care snuff , do not let her experience I have experienced …… “
Du snuff read here , the heart suddenly startled , she only knew his father bitter life experience , but do not know the other .
Finally , she found the answer in those diaries : the year , not long after the birth father , grandfather and grandmother went to the field, they took the car to the halfway open when hit by another car , hit the side of the more than half of the passengers killed or injured , killed both his grandfather and grandmother , since then, his father became an orphan ……